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22K vs 24K vs 999 Gold

Difference between 22K vs 24K vs 999 Gold

Everyone is confused, which one should we buy 22k gold or 24k gold or 999 gold—one of the primary considerations in purchasing physical gold and specifically. Gold coins are gold Purity, and this is a little like debating Coke versus

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Having a routine is essential to our life. It helps us in staying well-thought-out, which results in better management of daily activities. Having a plan will help you achieve goals, and you will never miss out on things. Table of

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Pets & Animals Articles:

Green cheeked conure

5 Facts about Green Cheeked Conure

People love petting birds in their house but the question comes which bird is the best bird that you should pet. My answer would be green cheeked conure. These birds are the most demanding birds in the market not only

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Alexandrine Parakeet

5 Unknown About Alexandrine Parakeet Facts

Parrots, as we all know, are the most popular choice when we talk about birds. Alexandrine Parakeet is also a parrot breed known for its beauty, intelligence, and excellent talking ability. These budgies have been so famous in every country

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List of birds for pet best talking parrot

List of birds for pet

It’s no wonder that several people like a pet bird that is thoughtful, pleasant, and well satisfied to be a playmate. These aspects are even further significant for people with insufficient pet bird knowledge. It’s simpler to an alliance with maintenance

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about Sun Conure

About Sun Conure Bird

Birds are a beautiful creation of God and they bring peace and pleasure to every human’s heart. One very beautiful and unique member of the bird’s family is Sun Conures. Sun Conure birds are a type of parrots and are

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Cockatiel bird

All about cockatiel Bird

The Cockatiel Bird or the weirdo bird (Scientific Name: Nymphicus Hollandicus) is a small parrot with its origins in Australia. They are great as household pets and are easy to breed. They are usually found in arid or semi-arid regions

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conure bird family

Know About Conure Bird Family

Conure birds are a diverse family of parrots sizing from small to medium. Their life span is 20 years and conures live up to 30 years when given proper care. They are found in the western hemisphere and have their

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Gardening Articles:

Lantana all season flower plant

15 Flower Plants that bloom all season

Table of Contents Introduction Plants are beautiful and utilitarian. The recess of sowing, watering, and caring for them is therapeutic. Lots of people love their plants and have emotional feelings attached to them. However, sowing seeds again and again and growing

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grow lemongrass at home

How to grow lemongrass at home

If you like using the lemongrass herb that is Cymbopogon citratus in your food like soup and seafood dishes, you may have noticed that it is not found available in your local grocery store. Table of Contents Introduction You may

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grow wheatgrass at home

How to grow wheatgrass at home

Wheatgrass is a portion of food produced using the Triticum Aestivum plant. It’s viewed as an excessively healthy wellbeing food with astonishing advantages. It’s typically consumed as a juice; however, it comes in powdered structure too. Table of Contents Introduction

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Aloe Vera


Growing plants at home is never a bad idea, in fact, people specially buy decorative saplings and plants for their balconies. Gardening has nowadays become a very popular activity in every house. Growing plants is a good habit and work

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fragrance flower plants

Top 7 Fragrance Flower Plants

Here you go the top fragrance flower plants: A garden is not just all about sight; it’s about positivity the greenery gives out. Its textures, colours and seasonality are the most critical features, but the fragrance from the plants might

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Motivation Articles:

Zen Philosophy Meditation

What is Zen Philosophy? and What is says?

The Japanese word Zen means meditation; the whole word rounds the concept of meditation in all forms. In today’s situation, this word is commonly used in the western part of the world. It became common in the west in the

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Driving force to success

Motivation: A Driving Force to Success

Motivation is something that pushes you to work and achieve something. If you have the motivation, you can achieve even the most challenging things in life also. On the other hand, if you do not have the motivation, you will

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Minimalism: A Way to Purposeful Life

Minimalism is about living with fewer possessions. The main purpose of minimalistic living is you live with the things which you really need and get rid of the things that you can live without. You give a better purpose to

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pareto principle 80/20


Pareto principle is basically a reminder that inputs and outputs are never equal and it also tells us that 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes, which shows that inputs and outputs are not balanced. This principle

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Travel Articles:


How to plan your trip?

Confused ! How to plan your trip? Awakening the traveler into us, we all have travel dreams. A lot of us want to see the whole world, and we all want to explore how beautiful and diverse the places in

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Must Visit Place in India

Top 10 Places You Must Visit in India

India offers comprehensive tourism with exciting experiences from centuries and has a diversified culture to varied wildlife, distinct culinary traditions, and unusual adventures, with a rich, beautiful ecological expertise. Since India’s independence, Indian tourism has developed for traveling far beyond

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Gir National Park Safari

Top 7 Best Wildlife Safaris in India

India is a prosperous nation with a great heritage and history. Nonetheless, this nation’s rich biodiversity is an innumerable amount of wildlife categories you can discover in the Indian subcontinent. One of the best things to experience about the wildlife

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Solo Traveler

Top 4 Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone sometimes can seem very uncomfortable, it is stepping out of your comfort zone, you think a lot, what if things don’t work well? Is it safe to go alone? What if my car gets stuck and ditches me?

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Yoga and Fitness Articles:


How to Meditate?

It’s not easy to keep yourself surrounded with negative energies around yourself, isn’t it? We always find some or the other way to just sneak out of this negativity. So many things that affect us each day, and we as

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Pranayama Breathing Techniques

4 Types of Breathing Techniques (pranayama)

Breathing is involuntary and essential. The body, whether it is awake, sleeping, or even actively exercising, no matter what, our lungs will perform its act of breathing. It is a vibrant function of everyone’s life. In yoga, we can perform

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Patanjali Yoga sutras

About Patanjali – The Father of YOGA One of the ancient Indian techniques of magically transforming the mind by developing a harmonious whole between the mind and the body is Yoga. There are so many historical and sacred texts and scriptures that have discussed yoga and

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fitness and yoga

Fitness and Yoga

Yoga is Supported by science derived from the Sanskrit word Yugi meaning yolk or Union. Yoga is considered an ancient practice that binds the mind and body. It motivates breathing exercises, meditation, and poses that we can say are designed to encourage

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Psychology Articles:

fall asleep

How to fall asleep quickly ?

Good sleep is extremely significant. It enables you to feel fresh and instructs your brain and physique properly. Many people have no trouble falling sleeping. Nonetheless, several others have serious problems falling and keeping up asleep through the nighttime. Bad

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2mins psychology two minute psychology

Did you know?: 2mins Psychology

Two minutes psychology is a term used to describe a brief overview or summary of a topic in psychology. It is intended to provide a quick, concise overview of a psychological concept, theory, or phenomenon, and is often used as

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Are you Carrot or Egg or Coffee Bean?


There are so many trending topics in the world that have different perspectives. Every individual has their own perspective and way of thinking which is different from others. For example, you and your brother would be in the same business

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Importance of detachment in life

Emotional detachment for everyone is essential in every kind of situation dealing at work or at home, and even at any place or in any other situation. It basically imparts a sense for one’s calmness, their balance and also confidence.

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three questions game

The Three Questions Game

Games are an absolute path that humans discover and interact with. They procure so numerous advantages for folk of all curiosities and capacities. Kids incredibly like playing games, and these workouts procure incredible chances for them to develop various talents

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Make your home better Articles:

House Rules Discipline

House rules that will organize you

We all want a happy family. You can convert your home atmosphere from chaotic to heaven with some small rules by creating important rules. Rules are not only important for family members but also significant for children. Some children like

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Reading Articles:

The Secret Book

The Secret: Book Summary

‘The Secret’ is a very famous book, written by Rhonda Byrne. The genre of this book is self-help and motivation. The book deals in the area of helping people realize and understand themselves. Along with this, the book also aims

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Introduction Every one of us loves to read books as same as we are reading this article. There are so many different books which wither give us information about things or provides entertainment with their emotions and adventurous stories. But

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Know the Technology Articles:

DSLR Camera vs Mobile Camera


The technology today is different from the technology which was in the past 90s. In every part of the world, technology has upgraded and has taken the first place to compare it to all the fields. But now also people

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Javascript Programming Logo Java  - jmexclusives / Pixabay

Java 8: Predicate – Built-In Functional Interfaces

Predicate Interface is another Built-In Functional Interface of java.util.function package of Java 8. Predicate Interface can be used to evaluate the expression which returns the boolean result like true or false of the given expression.  Example: Predicate logic = X

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