There are so many trending topics in the world that have different perspectives. Every individual has their own perspective and way of thinking which is different from others. For example, you and your brother would be in the same business or in the same field, but it totally depends on your perspective and way of thinking. Always remember the perception of an individual is its reality which tells so much about that individual. There is a story which tells us more about an individual’s perspective and ideology as the writer asks an individual whether he is a carrot or egg or coffee bean! So let’s have a look at the story and understand it

Before starting, carrot, egg or coffee bean is an amazing story which is written by an unknown author and makes great differences when it comes to choosing only one thing. The story starts as a young, energetic lady went towards her mother and started explaining to her mother about her life experiences and also explained how hard things were for her at one point. The lady said that she was quite close to giving up everything but didn’t know how she is able to manage it today.

Mother Daughter Are you a carrot or a egg or a bean?

After listening to every part of the lady’s life, her mother took her to their kitchen and told her to wait for some minutes. After a few minutes, the lady’s mother filled up three pots with water and placed a flame of high fire on all three. After seeing this the lady got shocked, as she was explaining about her bad time and her mother simply took her to the kitchen. Soon after the high fire, all the three pots came to boil. Due to the boiling of the pots, now the ingredients were visible which was dipped in the pot! The lady’s mother placed a carrot in the first, egg in the Second, and coffee beans in the third pot respectively. Both the mother and lady kept and let the pot complete their boiling.

3 bowls

After this whole process, the mother took a carrot and placed it in a bowl, same with the egg in a bowl, and again she took the coffee bean and placed it in a bowl. After placing all three ingredients, the mother asked her daughter to tell what she saw. And the lady replied simply carrots, eggs, and coffee. Now her mother told her to come forward and to feel the carrots. When she took the carrot in the hand it felt quite soft. Then her mother told her to break the egg and she did it. Then the mother told me to sip the coffee and she tasted its aroma. After completing this all, the lady asked her mother, what does it mean? 


After this, the mother replied that all these three have faced the same situation in boiling water. But each of them reacted according to their ideology or differently. The carrot was quite strong, but after boiling it became very soft and weak. The egg became fragile after boiling and the outer shell was being protected! The coffee beans were as unique as when Boiled they changed the color of the water. The mother, after explaining, asked, which are you?  When you face a situation, who is a carrot or egg or a coffee bean? 

The lady then understood the whole process or the things which were done by her mother to make her face every situation! The mother gave a lesson that all the situations are tough but you have to be one from carrot, egg or coffee bean so then only you can face every situation and can show your way of fighting. 

The story clearly explains that every little living thing in the world has its own perspective and way of thinking, which can be influenced.

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