Caution: Distraction using social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram

Social Media helps to connect the people but also distracts the people. Social Media is the bane and a boon in society. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram have changed society in many ways. Now people are there more on social media, and the face-to-face connection is very less. Hence there is a lot of distraction using social media platforms. The distraction is both positive and negative, in our opinion.

Table of Contents

Positive distractions

  • A positive distraction relates to people getting distracted from their tensions and getting a medium to share their views and opinions on other people’s posts. A youtube video has great reach and hence distracts us from our overthinking habits, daily tensions, etc. 
  • Listening to a song on youtube is easy and has no cost hence taking us in a good mood and therefore distracting us.

Negative distractions

  • For kids, Social Media is a major distraction in their lives. A social media-active kid now wants to become a YouTuber instead of studying and working hard.
  • A social media active kid leaves his/her homework and spends most of their time on youtube, Facebook, or scrolling reels on Instagram.
  • Social Media is so full of content that you sit down for 5 minutes and forget the time, and from 5 it becomes 50 minutes, and hence you lose on work, time, and money. This distraction is dangerous.
  • Social Media is a vast platform, and not all content is kid-friendly. Though Facebook, Instagram, youtube try to filter content on the basis of age groups and block the restricted content, there is a time lag and hence leads to distraction. This is a very disastrous type of distraction and can be very harmful to the good growth of children.
  • On social media, everything is very beautiful, every person is very rich, and no one has any problem. Hence making people materialistic and making them distracting. Social Media is widely just a platform where content is shared, and content can be cooked, so relying on every word can distract people.

How to avoid social media distractions

Notification social media

To avoid social media distracting you, you can turn off your various notifications.

  • Use the second type of monitor.
  • Try to write in your diary the most important things you wish to do. Try to prioritize your work and set a time to watch social media videos, and set time to chat on social media with friends after work hours.
  • Even if you are working on the computer, turn off the browser and windows, keep your phone away, and pledge not to look at it.
  • To keep your children away from social media, don’t give them access to all the websites. You can also use child lock, or the browser has settings like child safety. Then the content will only be shown according to the age group.

Signs that show that your social media usage is out of control

Smartphone Using
  • You easily get lost while spending time on social media.
  • You easily get isolated and keep yourself away from friends and family.
  • You always feel restless when any chat or notification pops up.
  • You feel defensive and guilty many times, losing on your scores or losing work because you did not pay enough attention to it.

Final Word

Smartphone Distraction

Hence social media negative distraction must be checked and should be removed from life completely. If you want to be very much successful, you should avoid these distractions so that you can live a happy life and not a social media life. I hope this article helped you to check what distractions you are having in your life. I hope you work on our tips and make your life better.

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