Top 10 Home Decors That Brings Positive Energy to your home

Your home is where you spend most of the time and the home decors can bring positive energy to your home environment. Select your home decors which matches your vibes. Every individual have different vibes and spend little effort while selecting the home decors to match your vibes. Here are the top 10 decors which you can consider.

Table of Contents

1. The Elephant

elephant decor

The Elephant is a sign of good luck, protection, and wisdom. It is also known for its understanding and loyalty. You can pick home decors objects which resemble the elephant. There are home decors like elephant paintings in a fabric, A small metallic elephant which can be kept as show piece in your table. Cushions with elephant art could be a good option.

2. Indoor Plants

indoor plants

One of the popular options for home decor is indoor plants. There are so many varieties of indoor plants which make your home environment clean. If you are kind of the person who likes cleanliness then you can decorate your home corners with indoor plants. Indoor plants have low maintenance and require only a little attention. Indoor plants with painted pottery will enhance your home’s beauty.

3. Crystals


It is believed that crystals give peace of mind, Creative thoughts and relieve stress. There are many collections of crystals like turquoise, rose quartz, smoky quartz, and bloodstone. Crystal comes in different sizes small, medium, and large. select the best size of crystal that fits in your place.

4. Buddha

buddha decor

Buddha has always been a great option to make your home environment silent and peaceful. Buddha idols depict the meditative energy around you and make you feel calm when you return to your home after hectic work in your office. There are many buddha idols made of metal, ceramic, stone, and a lot more. You can have a pillow cover with buddha paintings or framed paintings. If you have a good budget you can paint buddha on your living wall.

5. Fresh Flowers

flower pot

Even though hand-made decors or decor articles are very good and affordable. But if you have space and a garden outside your house. if can grow a variety of flowers in your garden and every two days you can keep fresh flowers grown from your garden in the living room, bedroom, and welcome doors. This gives totally different feel and keeps your mood high.

6. Diffuser with essential oils

diffuser essential oils

There are many benefits of essential oils. It is believed that it reduces anxiety, and depression and gives good sleep. A painted or Antique diffuser pot enhances the color of your home and essential oil according to your need and choice spreads a fragrance to corners of your home. You will get the benefits from essential oil’s aroma and energize your body and soul.

7. Dream Catcher

dream catcher

This article is incomplete without discussing the dream catcher. Nowadays, it is very popular on social platforms and many influencers keep this dream catcher in their home. It came from Native Americans and it is handmade with a ring on which the woven web is stitched. Many people believe that bad thoughts or bad dreams got caught in this woven web and a person gets positive thoughts and good dreams. Dream catchers got hung on balconies, living rooms, or in bedrooms.

8. Hamsa Hand

hamsa hand

In the pages of History, People believed that an open palm is a sign of protection from evil. Hamsa Hand is another popular decor which comes in different forms like necklace jewelry, fabric with hamsa hand printed on it, the wooden hang of hamsa hand, etc. if looks very beautiful and blends with the theme of your home.

9. Peacock feathers

peacock feather

If you are a believer in Vastu/zodiac, then the peacock feather can be a great option for you.  Keeping peacock feathers at home removes any bad effects of Vastu/zodiac. And it brings wealth, happiness, and harmony to your life.

10. Wind Chimes

wind chimes

Sorry to keep this item last, But in no particular order wind chimes is very popular and come in different types like metal chimes, wooden chimes, or bamboo chimes.  Ideally, wind chimes are kept in an open area where air can blow and hit the chimes and produces beautiful sounds, and are very soothing to the ears.

Final Word

Pick your home decor according to your likes and vibes. It plays a vital role in your home, when your eyes see the corners of your home your mind should keep your vibes level.