How to grow lemongrass at home

If you like using the lemongrass herb that is Cymbopogon citratus in your food like soup and seafood dishes, you may have noticed that it is not found available in your local grocery store.

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You may have even wondered how to grow lemongrass on your own or lemongrass plant at home.  How to get lemongrass seeds at homeYou should know that growing lemongrass at home is not at all difficult, and you don’t have to have a remarkable achievement in gardening to be successful. Lemongrass plantation at home is very easy. Let’s look at how to grow lemongrass.

Growing lemongrass :


When you go to the grocery store, find the freshest lemongrass plants that you can buy. Next is when you get home, trim a couple of inches off the top of the lemongrass plants and peel it away from anything that looks somewhat dead.


The next step is to take the stalks and put them into a glass of shallow water and place it near a sunny window.


After the few weeks are passed by, you should start seeing tiny roots at the bottom of the lemongrass herb stalk.


It is not much different than tooting any other plant in a glass of water. Wait for the roots to mature a little more and then you can transfer the lemongrass herb to the pot of soil.


Put this pot of lemongrass in a warm sunny spot on a window ledge or out somewhere you get adequate sunlight. You have to water that regularly, and if you live in a warm climate, you can plant your lemongrass plants out in your backyard in a pond may be.

Note:  Growing lemongrass is very simple you may say as simple as taking your rooted plant out of the water and putting that into a pot containing all-purpose soil, with the crown just below the surface.

Is necessary to grow plants indoor?

Yes, growing plants indoors is necessary as it helps in easy access to the fresh herb whenever you need. It is prevalent in Asian cuisine; lemongrass is a deficient maintenance plant that can be grown outdoors it grows faster and can be little unruly if not pruned back regularly. 

Cutting lemongrass stalks for cooling will keep the plant somewhat in check, but lemongrass proliferate that extra pruning is often necessary. The best time for trimming lemongrass is early spring when the plant is still dormant. And if your lemongrass has been left untended for a while, it has probably accumulated some dead materials that are the first things you should get rid off. 

Lemongrass usually germinates within a week or two, and if your experience is typical, the seed has a high germination rate. You should always keep the roots moist and in a warm spot until they germinate. Transplant them to a pot and when they are about six inches tall, spacing them about 2 to 3 inches apart and making sure they will have plenty of space for profitable root growth.