How to Meditate?

It’s not easy to keep yourself surrounded with negative energies around yourself, isn’t it? We always find some or the other way to just sneak out of this negativity. So many things that affect us each day, and we as humans feel so stressed about our lives. We all need some kind of relaxation and the brain needs it too. 

Just The Way we enjoy traveling to different places and feel as if everything is just so light on the mind, it’s just the same feeling that you experience with meditation. You might be wondering that it is something really tough, but no it’s an easy process of just escaping out of reality and external forces that are causing you different problems. So here is a quick way of understanding how to meditate.

Your surroundings should be comfortable and silent.

meditation silent place

One of the most important things to keep in mind before meditation is to make sure that your surroundings are not noisy, they’re peaceful. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position. 

You can also choose to play some music if you want to, the most important thing is to make yourself as comfortable as possible so that you can help yourself relax through meditation. Just sit in one place, you can even lie down if you want to and start closing your eyes slowly.

It’s time to focus on your breathing.

4-7-8 Breathing Method

As soon as you close your eyes, start taking deep breaths and make sure that you notice each breath. Feel how your lungs are inhaling and exhaling oxygen. Just keep doing this for a few minutes. Just keep focusing and feeling every breath. Feel oxygen traveling from your nose to the lungs and from the lungs out in the air.

Understand your thoughts now

Understanding thoughts

As soon as you start paying attention to your breathing, you start realizing that your attention which was focused on your breathing is now a fringe of your attention. You start thinking about the problems around yourself, the stresses of your life and so many other thoughts that come to your mind each day.

Control your Wandering mind

Control thoughts

All the worries and all your tensions that come around, you have to decide not to focus on them. It’s time that you have to start focusing on the power of positivity. You have to start focusing on putting all the negative thoughts off your mind or either search for positive alternatives or just put off everything by focusing on the center of your eyes. 

With meditation you can also find solutions to your problems because it’s so easy to find a novel way of handling a problem by finding out Creative solutions when you concentrate on it, understand it and analyze it. meditation helps you to focus on the various aspects of a problem and find alternate solutions of action.

Practice Meditation Each Day

Practice Daily

You won’t be able to focus or concentrate in just one single day of meditation. It’s a practice that should be practiced each day. So many different techniques and ways of meditating. Once you start learning the basic techniques of meditation, it would be much easier to go one step ahead of meditation. There are a lot of different states of meditation like the theta state of meditation which sometimes difficult to achieve but not impossible.

Various Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has a lot of healing benefits and in this present scenario, we need to learn how to meditate. A lot of researchers have shown the magical effects and the beneficial results in people who have been following the practice of meditation.

Meditation has proved to help reduce high blood pressure and is helpful in proper blood circulation. Meditation has helped reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation has helped people in positive feelings of well-being and happiness. A lot of people have been using it for different purposes. Meditation has been a practice for a very long time and even today some so many people believe that meditation has magical powers of healing.