5 Steps: How to prepare organic compost at home using kitchen waste

Organic compost is in all the single most important considerable supplement that you can give as an investment to your garden. It’s basically the simplest way to add up all the important nutrients that are rich in humus to your owned lawn or garden that fuels up all the plant growth and restores it’s a vitality to your garden’s depleted soil. It’s also very much free and easy to make at home and is also good for the environment. Also composting also has many other benefits.

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Guidelines for how to prepare organic compost at home:

compost container


Choose up a bin: Anything that is from an unused plastic container transferred to a cardboard box could work. If you are using anything that a paper-based container such as the cardboard to line it with a newspaper that can absorb all the moisture from its peels. If it is a plastic container that could make sure you make out some of the small holes all around the container in order for its aeration.



Add up the materials: It is important to remember that not everything can go to the compost. Always make a yes to the vegetable scraps, eggshells, yard waste, or newspaper, manure, coffee grounds, and filters for your compost.

compost layer


Layering out the process: First, the layer should be the one-fourth of the container you choose with dry leaves or newspaper clippings, and the twigs basically brown waste. These all will absorb out the moisture from your kitchen waste. Then, you need to layer up all your vegetable peels, coffee grounds on top of all the dry leaves. Cover up all the kitchen waste with the brown waste you are gathered again until all the container is filled with them.

curd compost


Add up the sour buttermilk or curd but not too much as they could be harmful that can chock up to the full of microbes that will be a kick-start to all of the process for the breakdown.



Leave that container aside for almost 4-5 weeks, and then compost which will be ready.

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Basic composts to find at home

banana peel

Banana peels- You could freeze up all of your overripe bananas and then can bury up them to those next to your plants. Or, even can make it a spray by soaking up the banana peels into the water for almost three days and then spray it up to your plants or seedlings in order to add up the required nutrients.

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds- This is always considered an especially good fertilizer for all the fragranced flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and even magnolias, and that to it is easily available to your home, but you can even get to use it on all of your veggies in order to help them grow.

egg shells

Egg Shell Fertilizer- Eggshells always are rich in nutrients required by plants and mainly contain a lot of calcium which helps the plants with their cellular growth. Calcium is deficient soil that can often get to lead them into various garden catastrophes. You can also get to crush up the used eggshells and then can bury them up into the soil. Or, you can also make out a spray at home with almost 20 eggshells plus a gallon of water.

Making up your own compost and fertilizers at home is indeed very simple and also very much effective.