How to save yourself from toxic people?

Ever since childhood, we have been taught to respect other people and to treat everyone with grace, love, and compassion. We are told that the foundation of humanity is selfless love, empathy, and a feeling of mutual respect. It is essential that we treat everyone around us and our own selves the same way, kindly and with a sense of understanding. However, what we often forget is that not everyone believes in finding the light in each person or agrees with this notion. 

Some people might hurt you, knowingly or unintentionally, and despite the goodness in you that makes you believe that every person is inherently good, it is very important that you identify the toxic people in your life who drain you or darken your joyful mood, to preserve your mental peace and good health. 

It might be difficult to do away with toxic people, but don’t worry. We are here to provide you with a simple guide on how to preserve your energy and do away with the toxic and selfish people in your life. 

The basic you have to understand

Toxic people

Firstly, it is essential that you accept the fact that people are capable of hurting you and restricting your growth. You have to realize that some people will do more damage than good, and make firm resolutions to get away from those people. Learn to tune in to your gut feelings and do not be afraid to act on them. 

Continue living the life you’ve always wanted to, without the interference of the people who make you doubt your decisions and feelings. Be careful to trust yourself, and if you do not feel comfortable or happy around a person, it is acceptable to maintain your distance from them. Remember, people might not always want the best for you.

It is very important to remember that first meetings can be very deceptive and that we might not judge people correctly in the first few meetings. Meet new people with an open mind, but exercise caution. Pay attention to people’s behavior and their treatment of other people. If you think a person has a huge discrepancy between their words and actions, it’s time to think seriously and consider if they value the relationship they share with you. 

Love not hate

It is very important to understand that you are worthy of safe and joyous interactions and that you deserve the same love and kindness that you offer other people. You need to respect yourself and strive to never settle for anything less than you deserve. If people do not treat you the way they should, you should advocate for yourself and walk away from any relationship that puts a strain on your mental health and growth. You need to get comfortable with the idea that you deserve the same treatment that you wish to give to others.

Final words

Love Every one

Never forget that a person’s toxic and unacceptable behaviour is an extension of who they are, not what you deserve from people. It is very important that you remember that their behaviour is not justified and is only a reflection of the darkness that lives inside them. Their insecurities take a toxic form and channel through their behaviour towards other people. It is not symbolic of the behaviour and relations you deserve in life. 

While it can become upsetting and disheartening to come across people who stunt your growth and live with fears, malice and jealousy in their hearts, it does not mean that the world is full of these people. 

Never let bad experiences or people shape your perspective of life and be mindful of all the amazing people in your life. Regularly experiencing gratitude for the positive forces in your life and the supportive people makes you believe that despite bad experiences, you will find many good people in your life. Keep the toxic people away from your life, but do not let their existence affect how you live your life.

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