How to tame your Parrot? Dos and Don’ts

Parrots are considered to be family-friendly pets and although we do not consider them to be a great pet for children because they require a lot of care and attention. Parrots are always great pets but the most difficult task comes when you have to tame your parrot. The reason why it is important to tame your parrot is to develop the relationship and bonding that brings you and your pet closer. If you plan to keep a parrot as a pet in your home, you would definitely try to make your pet feel comfortable in the environment that you offer it as well as make him feel secure. Here is a guide that will help you to understand how to tame a parrot!

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The Right Place To Keep The Cage of your Parrot

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One of the most important things while owning a parrot is to gather its trust. Every new pet takes at least two weeks to adjust to the new environment that you offer it. It is always a good idea to house your pet parrot in a room that is busy enough which allows it to feel more comfortable interacting with humans. Always make sure that the cage of your parrot is not in your kitchen because it might be very fatal for the birds to exist in the fumes produced by the non-stick items.

The Best Way To Gain Trust Is To Communicate

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Try to communicate with your parrot is a very soothing voice. The parrot does not understand your language but what they understand is your way of talking. Try to find out time for your pet and talk to him especially when you offer him water and food. While communicating always use very soft movements just a little above the parrot’s eye level.

The Right Way to Place Your Hand in the Cage

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A lot of times we make a mistake by looking directly into the eyes of the parrot and at the same time, we also place our hand inside the cage. This is completely a wrong approach because you might unintentionally threaten your parrot. Never place your hand inside the cage, always avoid making sudden movements. you cannot simply expect your parrot to start being comfortable with your hand immediately. You have to develop this habit of placing your hand inside the cage every time you offer water and food.

Patience is the Key to Tame a Parrot

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Just like it takes a lot of patience in developing human relationships, it also takes a lot of time and effort to develop a relationship with your pet. There will be times when your pet will try to bite you during the process of taming but with time you will see that you are developing a precious bond.

Always make sure that when the pet bites you, you don’t have to take your hand off because this will reinforce the parrot positively that, biting is the most appropriate way of putting you away. The best way to deal with such a situation is by replying to the parrot in a Stern voice. This helps the parrot in understanding that, biting will lead to a negative situation that is a punishment.

The reason why it takes a little extra time to tame your parrot is that a parrot is a bird that flies and you have put them in a cage. It takes time for them to adjust with you in a completely different environment which is opposite to their natural habitat

Choose the Right way To Give a Treat To Your Parrot.

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All pets deserve a treat and a parrot would definitely love to have its favorite food meal. The surroundings to which they belonged before might have not offered them a chance to taste a various variety of treats and to tame your pet you can offer them a good variety and understand their choices. It is not at all difficult to find the right treatment for your parrot because you can even purchase it from stores and also make your pet’s favorite meal at home with easily available items.

Give your Parrot Some Space

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The way we humans need a lot of space, parrots and pets need them too. You should never try to force your parrot to sit at a place that you want it to sit. You should never forcefully make your pet do something that they do not want to do. When you try to give them the space to come out of their cage, you should always keep in mind that the space should not have a way for the parrots to escape or to reach a place where it becomes dangerous for the parrot to survive.

The Right Knowledge Is Important

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It is always a good idea to read a lot of information about the breed of your parrot and various tips and tricks to tame it. Although parrots have similar kinds of behavior patterns there are a few unique patterns that differ from one breed to another which are very important to understand.

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