Pen Tablet vs IPad. Which is the best?

Pen Tablet vs Ipad, Are you not sure which one to buy? Let’s compare both which is best for you. Based on the type of work or task you want to perform you can choose any two devices. Both Pen Tablet and IPad have similarities in terms of design and structure.  Generally, IPad can be used for day-to-day works like PDF reading, Digital writing, and entertainment. On the other hand, a pen tablet can be used only for drawing and writing.

Table of Contents

Features of IPad and Pen Tablet

IPad comes with power pack of hardware, IOS operating system and large display on the other hand Pen Tablet has simple hardware with the surface to draw or write. Pen Tablet doesn’t have any software or display.

IPad is a two-in-one device you can watch videos and use software tools and also used for sketching and writing. If your work is annotating the pdf, sketching, and also for entertainment then IPad must be a good choice to go with.

A pen tablet is a single-purpose device that is drawing and writing. If you are a professional artist then a pen table could be a great option because pen tablet comes with a different top modal which has good sensitive pressure and is good for graphic designers.

Portability IPad and Pen Tablet

Ipad portabality

Let’s talk about portability, with an IPad you can accomplish multiple works with an Ipad device like reading your emails, video editing, surfing the internet, and of course sketching and writing. On the other hand with a pen tablet, you have to carry an additional laptop to connect with it. In terms of portability, IPad comes out as the clear winner.


The cost of starting model of an IPad is approx $350 and IPads have fewer models and you need to buy an apple pencil separately which also costs more. In the case of the Pen tablet, you have more range of models and brands. And Pen Tablet cost starts from $50 for the basic model.

Accuracy and Pressure Sensitivity

Ipad Pen Tablet Pressure sensitive

Pen Tablet feels like writing on paper. it has a pressure differentiation system to defect lighter and heavier strokes. IPad has less pressure-sensitive compared to Pen Tablet. If you are a professional artist then a pen tablet is the best option and if you just want to do digital note-taking and pdf annotation then Ipad could be the right choice.  

Final Word

Both Pen Tablet and IPad are great devices. I hope you have a clear choice to pick one. if you are looking for two in one device with little drawing and writing then Ipad is a great option. Obviously, for professional artists and graphic designers Pen tablet is a good option.