Spiritual life : Element of your life

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What are spirituality and spiritual life?

spirituality and spiritual life

Spirituality is that procedure, which brings about the psyche existential to survive from one moment to the following. Mind comes to be a different dynamic in contemplative understanding to concentrate on the current avoiding the irresponsible and disturbing nature of mind conditioned to operating much surplus in the past and forthcoming.

 When you are existential, you evolve further thorough with all and slighter logic in preferring what is useful only for you in self-attention. You commence engaging with other people with compassion and kindness rather than segregating in egotism and selfishness.

  To obtain the essence of spiritual existence, we must know two terms that bring it finished and those are life and spirituality. Spirituality is a stage of life between one’s existence and demise.

Spirituality signifies to be entangled totally with every person with no prejudice. We must appreciate every element and creature of God. The mortal physique is a mixture of 3 components associated with humanity, divinely, and beast.

  Beast component linked with living ungodly like no respect for parents, not upholding culture and society, only anxious with self requirements. 

 Humanity elements which include eating up good food, standard sacrament, everyday living, thoughtful and reasonable surrounding and esteeming elders, teachers and parents. Eventually gets to divinely virtue where a human discovers an incredible mentor and pursues his moral path.

  We discover spirituality in the humanity and divinely virtue component when we entirely pursue these two aspects of life, and this interprets one’s moral and spiritual life.

What is spiritual lifestyle?

spiritual lifestyle

We must understand what our obligations and responsibilities are; it doesn’t imply that you quit performing your jobs which procured your essentials of life. 

This we can uncover in Geeta and Ramayana, which is a logical and rational instance of a spiritual lifestyle. In Ramayana lord, Ram did not quit his dharma with dwelling a great ordinary personality of human life. Similarly, we must understand our tasks in the community. We are not supposed to mistreat any aspects of God and to distinguish them.

Why is spiritual life meaningful?

Here are five optimistic features of spiritual life.

  • Improve your life: Meditation can activate your emotions of stillness, and apparent jadedness also enriches your attention and soul. Mindfulness contemplation, in precise, has been confirmed beneficial for humans with anxiety, depression, cancer, rheumatoid, arthritis and chronic pain.
  • It provides a meaning of life: Comprehending the implication of existence is one of the significant reasons why spiritual life is meant to various people. You may create your justifications to what your objective is in life and ultimately accomplish self actuality, which is a completion of personal and self necessities.
  • Give hope to hopeless: Retaining belief in something incredible and more significant than yourself inclines to provide you assurance and enthusiasm in a miserable circumstance. Religious rites and instructions enable people to restore from sustained injury and harm.
  • Releases burden and motivate peace: Contemplation workouts like meditation or prayer to alleviate anxiety, stress and develop consensus from within.
  • Helps in making better choices: Spirituality motivates humans to be an honest soul. Being more knowledgeable of how significant it is to live to the nicest of your capacity may stimulate you to consume well or to not immerse in illicit actions.

Four Sutra (formula) of living a spiritual life :



A human must be daring and courageous in his life. Because if a human retains strength and stability, he will acknowledge all call up of his life. He will combat with exterior aspects which influence his existence adversely. It will facilitate an individual toward the spiritual and ethical direction. As we all are familiar with this phrase “Protect the innocent, Defend the weak”.

Necessity behaviour


Suppose there is a precept in your diet then why not it is in behaviour. You should discern that your manner confides your life, so you must understand the requirement of life. Several in the world go to bed with an empty tummy and several waste their grub.

Vision transparency

Vision transparency

We must be apparent with the conception of life. We should also discern whatever we are performing; it is on the compassion and kindness direction or not. Our activities are not about a reason for someone’s sorrow. These issues must be inquired by every person while performing any action.



We must be confident and optimistic in life. We should be encouraging toward attitude and nature.  We must memorize the way of religious enlightenment.

The objectives of spirituality

Why do we require spirituality aspects of our life? These concern are inquired several times. So, if you need to receive the reply to these questions associated with spirituality, then you expect to do contemplation and introspection. It is incredibly essential for one’s existence. There are three questions you must inquire while performing any act- Why, Where and What. 

 These questions provide you with a precise image of the consequence of your selected direction such as why I am working out this because I feel this is the best option to obtain a divine outcome, it will provide no damage. It is in a row with community regulation. 

 Spiritual purposes are any motives that you have associated with finding out your goal and living a meaningful life; it doesn’t matter if you pursue the teachings of Buddha or Christ. 

Spiritual Quotes

  • “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stress. More love, less hate.”
  • “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
  • “Knock, And He’ll open the door. Disappear, And He’ll make you shine like the sun. Decline, And He’ll lift you to the heavens. Come to be nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything.” 
  • “Believe in your endless capacity. Your only boundaries are those you set upon yourself.”
  • “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your soul.” Said by – Swami Vivekananda.


It is not simple to uphold an ethical and spiritual life path but rely on us; it is not as severe as we speculate. We all are the kids of God, but the most challenging aspect is to acknowledge this truth.

Spirituality renders you knowledgeable and attentive to be better conscious of all that is throughout in unity. Spiritual life is for those who prefer to live existence and increase to an extraordinary life towards its meaning and reality.