7 Differences Teakwood vs Sheesham Wood. Which one you Should buy?

Are you confused between what to buy, teakwood or Sheesham wood? Here is a detailed difference between both of them that is surely going to be a great help for you! 

Table of Contents

Raw Materials And Location

From the name itself, we can easily understand that Sheesham wood is obtained from a tree named Sheesham which can easily be found in various regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. A Sheesham tree always grows in areas that have high temperatures as well as humidity because of the presence of water which makes it less water-resistant. On the other hand, teak wood can be obtained from a teak tree which has less presence of water in its stem making it more water-resistant. A teak tree can be found in various places like the Caribbean and Asia.

Comparing the Texture

The texture is one of the notable differences between teak wood and Sheesham wood. A Sheesham wood will always have natural grains as well as some chestnut color markings whereas on the other hand teak wood is very smooth and grain has a very distinctive brown-yellowish color.

Water Resistance Comparison

As mentioned above Sheesham wood has a very high presence of water as compared to teak wood which means that Sheesham wood also has higher flexibility in comparison with teak wood. Sheesham wood can also be bent down a little without any stresses being visible. Sometimes a lot of people see this bending property as a disadvantage because Sheesham wood can always be prone to damages due to moisture. Increase you are looking for Sheesham wood as an option for your full room furniture then you have to make sure that you add on to the extra cost of polishing the whole unit as well as waxing it evenly so that it becomes more resistant.

Weight Comparison

Teak wood is considered to have a denser texture along with a very high tensile strength as compared to Sheesham wood. Also, this is the reason why Teak is very heavy and is a preferable option over Sheesham wood. People like heavy furniture and for their beds, they always choose teak wood. If in case you are looking for some lightweight options for handicrafts or decoration products, then Sheesham wood is a preferable option.

Durability Comparison

As mentioned above that liquid is water-resistant and heavy also a more durable option as compared to Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood can easily work in high-temperature conditions for humidity because of the high water percentage that it has. It is very clear that in terms of durability liquid is the best option to choose.

Ease of Usage

Workers have always been preferring dining table models that are made up of teak wood because with teak wood it becomes very easy to carve out the desired designs. Teak wood always gives out a better look as compared to Sheesham wood.

The Pricing Comparison

Teakwood is always considered to be a luxurious option as compared to Sheesham and obviously teak wood is a little expensive. In case you are looking to have a lucrative material then Sheesham wood is definitely a great preference on the other hand if you don’t have any fixed budget then teak wood is a great option.


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