Book Summary: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Words Cannot always describe what your heart wants to express. Have you heard about Languages of Love that can help you connect with your loved ones at a completely different level? These five love languages help you describe the true feelings of your heart and they have the power to bring out the spark in your relationship! These five love languages are powerful enough to brighten up any relationship because love is the only key that connects the whole universe together. So, are you ready to know more about these five languages of love?

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The Words Of Affirmation

The five love languages The Words Of Affirmation

Words are very powerful and affirmations are just like a cherry on the top. A few words of affirmation can completely bind you up to your loved ones. One single compliment, one single line of motivation, and a few words of hope can completely transform your life. The little words that you use in your daily life and the way you praise your loved ones matter a lot because positivity and affirmations help you explore the unexplored. 

Your words make a lot of difference because a few harsh words can completely leave a person demotivated and using this language of love you can completely transform and lift the mood of others around you and you also create an impetus for open communication with your loved ones.

Performing the act of service

The five love languages act of service

Another language of love is service and we all know that actions speak louder than words. There are so many non-verbal gestures with which you can show care and gratitude to your loved ones. These little acts of service just require your time, love, and efforts and they have the power to derive ultimate happiness. 

One thing that you should always keep in mind before you use this language of love is that you should always have an intent of positivity in your mind and this action should be completely free of coercion. Language of love can only be expressed with complete freedom and positivity in the mind and heart.

Receiving gifts

The five love languages Receiving gifts

We all considered that receiving gifts and expecting gifts from our loved ones is something that we shouldn’t be doing but gifts are not always based upon materialistic pleasures. A meaningful gift can completely change your mood and make an impact on your heart. Receiving gifts can make any person feel very special and appreciated for their contribution to a relationship. 

Gifts should not always be expensive but they should always have an intent of infusing positivity and love with an object given to a loved one. Selecting gifts is also a skill because they show how important the relationship is for you.

Time is the most precious language of love

The five love languages time spend

Time these days is one of the most precious things that you can give to your relationships and quality time means undivided attention which is free of any distractions of the modern and social world. Time has the power to build a relationship and heal any wound and this powerful language of love can develop your relationships into very fruitful and long-lasting ones. 

Quality time does not mean long hours of being together but it means a few minutes where you can understand the other person and freely express your thoughts to each other without the fear of judgment. It is very important to make your loved ones feel special and concerted at the same time and this is only possible when you have time to be a part of the activities they love to perform.

Physical touch

The five love languages physical touch

Usually, we considered this language of love to be related to sexual terms but it’s not just about being intimate with each other, about the impactful physical touch. A warm physical touch can make you feel very safe and secure in a relationship.

A simple hug can make any person feel loved and appreciated because when we hug a person we share our vibes and feelings with the other. Physical touch should be considered a primary language of love because this can make you feel emotionally and internally connected.

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