The Secret: Book Summary

‘The Secret’ is a very famous book, written by Rhonda Byrne. The genre of this book is self-help and motivation. The book deals in the area of helping people realize and understand themselves. Along with this, the book also aims at focusing on how powerful positive thinking is and how positive thinking can change one’s perspective and outlook on life.

The book further suggests that the similar and stronger the notion is, the more that notion is attracted towards you. What this means is that if you emit and give out positive thinking, it is going to be supremely beneficial and helpful as emitting positive thinking simply leads to the attraction of positive things towards you. Furthermore, Byrne also proposed that positive thinking acts as a magnet for positive outcomes and positive results. She also says that when a person simply believes in what and who he or she wants to become or acquire, the closer one gets to their ideal.

Next up, the book talks about the Law of Attraction. Byrne says that law attraction further leads to a person becoming more grateful towards life and also leads to better visualization of goals. Her father tells the reader that the techniques of the primary in the job or that of asking, believing as well as receiving and this has been explained by stating some of the facts from the practitioners of the Secret. The book further promotes encouragement for people this is the time of trials for people when they have a deepened urge to succeed. Lastly, Byrne talks about how certain goals are achievable just by the correct application as well as the use of ‘The Secret.’ These goals are happiness, wealth, improvement in health as well as success in our relationships.

 Next, she talks about what can be done when one has just come out of a very low phase in life and is willing to turn his or her life around. She says that one should be able to create a new and fresh YOU and try not going into the past again and again. This is why this would be supremely helpful for someone who wishes to come out of the low phase that they might have experienced. In the book, some positive words and experiences have been mentioned in the book. Some of them even go back in our history.

The author, Rhonda Byrne, also suggests and advised her readers to evoke and face the negative thoughts, emotions as well as feeling rather than escaping from it and also, before these thoughts, emotions, as well as feeling, start materializing. She also claims that misfortunes can be eluded simply by not thinking about them.

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This book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, stresses and focuses on how important positive thinking is. It further focuses on how the readers can make a resolution in order to bring about changes in themselves. Towards the end of the book, Byrne also argues that everything that humans have and everything that they experience works and is regulated by our thoughts. Furthermore, she also states that we, as humans, are the sole source who can control our thoughts and emotions and can further control their own outcomes.

 The people who walk as well as follow the lessons as well as learnings of the book ‘The Secret’, claim and declare that the book has been highly beneficial for them and their own growth. They further say that someone who wants to reach their potential and also reach a better version of themselves, must read this book and learn from it. To end it, they say that people will be able to attain the desire of their heart and help in improving their own lives.