What is Vipassana and How to Practice it?

Vipassana is a form of Buddhist meditation technique. And it is believed that Vipassana is taught by the Buddha himself. It is widely practiced in Sri Lanka and South Asia. Vipassana is also known as insight or awareness meditation. There are two key aspects of Vipassana meditation Mindfulness and insight or awareness.

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Is Vipassana Religious Practice?

vipassana meditation religious

Vipassana can be practiced by any individual of any religion and even who don’t believe in any religious system. It is a scientific way of awakening and liberation from dissatisfaction and suffering.

Vipassana Technique

Kundalini Awaken

There are two stages of the Vipassana technique: Mindfulness and Insight. One has to go through the 1st stage of mindfulness and in this phase, you focus on a single object usually it would be breath. And what tends to happen is that sequence of thoughts would come, you have to acknowledge the thought and be mindful of the emotion that arises for that thought and let them pass by without judging or attaching with that thought. As you practice this technique for a few days gradually the thoughts become minimal and you will focus only on a single object.

The Second stage of Vipassana is where you are in control of your thoughts and this is the time to go insight you. Now you should be in the process of awareness practice and insight meditation. In this stage, you are capable of letting go the distractions and using this ability to look at your self qualities, consciousness, and perception of things.

What do you experience in Vipassana?

Vipassana leads you with life-changing insights and warmth and generosity in your heart.  you feel the power of love, compassion, and selflessness. Over the centuries different people experience different feelings like lightness, awareness, clarity, emptiness, and bliss. experience of vipassana is beyond words.

How to sit for meditate?

Pranayama Breathing Techniques

Choosing a sitting place is very important. The place should be the more quiet and good ventilated environment. Vipassana’s sitting position is crossed legs and straight back. The back should be straight neither bend nor crooked otherwise you will feel backache. if you are struggling with making the back straight you can use the chair as well.

Breath during meditation

You would concentrate on breathing. Do not breathe forcefully or shallowly breath. Do not worry about your belly. Concentrate on natural breathing rhythm. feel the natural breath in and breath out.

Vipassana Course

Some people are stuck with their work routines and they may want to improve their mental health. There are many Vipassana centers that offer the 10 days, 15 days, and 1-month courses. In these centers, people stay for the course duration and meditate all day. Food and Shelter are usually provided by the centers and they are healthy diets. After completion of the course, you will feel a great change in your overall health.

Final Word

We should be grateful that we got the knowledge from Buddha. One must try the Vipassana course and practice it daily in their life. Vipassana will bring out the full potential and brings more happiness in life.