Why you should use light colors curtains on your windows?

The heat and daylight you receive within your house are influenced by the hues you pick for the home décor. Lighter and darker shades each have their unique set of positives and negatives. The decision between light or dark has a vital influence in everything from wall decor and wall paint to furniture fabric and window treatments. When it comes to picking the shade of the draperies, there are quite several things to consider.

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Let's take a look at Why you should use light colors curtains on your windows :

Heat Curtains

Light-colored drapes and blinds lighten and illuminate any room’s windows. They’re also simpler to deal with from a creative standpoint since darker window coverings might detract from the room’s visual beauty due to their perceptual dominance.

Light-colored drapes are always a good choice. Light curtains give a space more feminine appeal by lighting the space’s overall rigid features. But it isn’t the only advantage they have.

Light curtains may appear to be utilized solely for their visual appeal, and this may be true for the majority of consumers. Light drapes, however, have much more to them than strikes the sight. Their fragile appearance conceals several key roles that add to the room’s ultimate convenience and atmosphere.

Advantages of Light Curtains

Light curtains

Light Effect

Light curtains are excellent for achieving a softened look. Use light-colored or transparent drapes to conceal your window or patio doorways if you prefer a subdued illumination within the home. The light that passes via the light hues is filtered, resulting in a lovely aura in the space. The soothing beams mix to cast a cloud of warmth across space when the brightness is reduced.


For seclusion, light-colored drapes are ideal. While you gain from ambient sunlight the sight from outside is obstructed, particularly during the day. Light-colored drapes provide some seclusion to the inhabitants also at night.

Function well as layers

When utilized as a barrier on top of a window treatment light-colored drapes look awesome. If you place these atop blackout roller blinds you’ll have greater versatility in controlling the lighting passage as well as privacy of space. Employing light-colored drapes rather than roller or Venetian blinds adds an extra layer of warmth to your space while also increasing seclusion.

Dark Curtains

Dark Curtains
  •  In a tiny room, dark shades may be intimidating and make things look smaller.
  • Choosing an interior design concept centered on dark shades may be difficult since even the tiniest design flaw is accentuated.
  • For the greatest effect, curtains have to be a complementary shade to the room. Dark draperies, on the other hand, might be tough to compare with anything except neutral or light decor.
  • Dark drapes can discolor in the sun. In the summertime, if the curtain isn’t lined, it could retain as well as reflect heat

Light vs Dark Curtains

Whenever it gets down to choosing the color of the drapes, the location and size of the area would be important factors. Other criteria, such as the quantity of light it gets, the size of windows, as well as the furniture, will also influence your decision.

Dark drapes, as a general principle, make the room appear smaller. Dark drapes might hardly be a smart choice admittedly if you have got a tiny room. However, if you have got a vast space, black drapes will make it pleasant without ever requiring you to clutter it with unneeded furnishings.

Another key influence is light. Choose light-colored drapes if the space has plenty of sunshine. Whenever dark shades are subjected to sunshine, they quickly fade. In addition, light-colored drapes do not take in a lot of sunlight in the summertime; this means keeping the space cool.


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